Legal Research

There are many players in the legal research field from very large companies to a number of smaller players that offer similar results using the same data. There are options that utilize Artificial Intelligence and E-Discovery.

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Our Software Partners

These are products we like and believe in and would run our own firm on. When we suggest products we’ll tell you why we chose it and recommend it for your firm. At Gold Piece Consulting we feel its important we are up-front with products we partner with closely. Here are those partners:

Legal Research

While you can work with the large companies like Westlaw and Lexis, there are other options.

It is importnat to understand that some of these companies will only work with you on a long-term basis, putting you into multi-year contracts.

Let’s review your needs and see if that long-term contract makes sense, or if your usage is more suited to a month to month option.

Case Law Research

Artificial Intelligence


Compare Mutiple Vendors

Beware Long-Term Contracts

This is part of the procurement management services that we offer.





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