Law Practice Management (LPM) Software

Tools that organize your firm from a Client and Matter perspective. From simply keeping track of your client matters to accounting of your payment, IOLTA, and IOLA accounts. Don’t forget calendaring integrations and email tracking against client matters.

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Our Software Partners

These are products we like and believe in and would run our own firm on. When we suggest products we’ll tell you why we chose it and recommend it for your firm. At Gold Piece Consulting we feel its important we are up-front with products we partner with closely. Here are those partners:

Law Practice Management

Case Management is an important step to the next-level firm. You don’t need to get away from your legal pads, but you certainly can cut down on them or have case files with you anywhere you go.

Keep track of IOLA and IOLTA accounts. Do invoicing from the comfort of your couch.

Answer that frantic call from a client while on a beach because all the matter information is at your fingertips.

Track Matters Easily

Track and Summarize Time

Invoice Clients Immediately

Simplify IOLA and IOLTA accounting

 We cannot talk about Law Practice Management tools without also talking about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.

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Clio has two products: Clio Manage and Clio Grow. Together, these two cloud-based products can enhance the way any law firm operates. It is scalable from 1 to Many. Clicking above gets you a free demo with our referral code attached.

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Zola Suite

Zola Suite is a great product. Scalable from 1 to Many. It contains multiple products all contained in one package without 3rd party add-ons.

Practice Panther

Practice Panther is another very popular choice for solo and small law firms. there’s a lot packaged in this product.


Smokeball was just nominated by G2 Cloud to be the easiest to use LPM software. With a mobile app and the necessary integrations its a strong selection.

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