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Started in 2020, Gold Piece Consulting is a consulting firm that primarily supports Solo and Small law firms with their back office technology.

Legal Expertise

An attorney by trade, Sarah Gold knows the ins-and-outs of the legal field and what lawyers can and cannot do ethically.


Having worked on computers since the 80’s, Gold Piece Consulting has deep roots of understanding how to make software work smoothly. Not afraid of trying something new, while respecting the challenge that comes with that.

Media & Engagements

Sarah participates in many panels and seminars each year. She also is one half of the NYSBA podcast of Gold/Fox Non-Billable. Contact Us today to speak at your engagement.

Proven Success

9 years of experience running Gold Law Firm

Sarah Gold started Gold Law Firm in 2011. Since then she has continuously reviewed, demo’d and implemented dozens of different solutions to improve her firm. Now let her take that experience to improve your firm.


Gold Law Firm gets paid 2 weeks sooner compared to traditional invoicing and payments. She doesn’t need a bookkeeper either. Getting paid faster means more cash flow for the firm.

$800 per year

With just a few simple improvements, Gold Law Firm saves $800 per year in expenses.

Gold Piece Consulting


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Sarah Gold

Legal Consultant

Attorney and Legal Technology Expert

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