What is a Technology Law Firm Consultant?

Having the right technology and processes in your office allows you to focus on your own clients and customers.

A Law Firm Consultant takes the stress out of the business of the law office with products and services that will save you hundreds of hours of time.

Law Firm Consultant
What can we do for your law practice? Improve your bottom line, Reduce Stress, Allow you to Focus on your Clients.

Technology Audit

The first thing to serving your clients in a small office is to stop spending time searching for technology products to run the firm.

We’ve already spent hundreds of hours evaluating products. We guarantee to save you dozens of hours in your own search. How much billable work is that worth to you?

We have over 25 categories that we’ve identified are important considerations for law office management. As your law firm consultant we’ll review these with you in a short period of time to determine the best fit processes and products you might use to run your office.

How much is that saved time worth to you right now?

We’ll provide a detailed report that you can implement right away or in stages as your firm grows. We divide up the categories into our recommended priorities.

This is the thing that law firm need, they just don't know they need it.

Product Implementation

Whether working from our Technology Audit or your own needs, we will implement products and processes for you. We take the hassle out of coordinating many vendors. You should focus on your clients, not your back-office technology. Let us make it work for you.

From Electronic Fax to Law Practice Management to E-Discovery software, we recommend and implement solutions so that you can focus on your practice and your clients.

What else can we do as a Law Firm Consultant?
How about getting paid by your clients up to 2 weeks faster!
HOW? Get in contact with us now to find out.

Spend time in the evening watching a movie with the family, not searching the internet looking for which software package to implement for Customer Relations Management.

Ongoing Support

As your firm grows, you’ll need to adjust your tool set. Growth requires support, and we can provide it for you. Because we help you focus on your clients, your firm will grow.

We can and will keep you apprised of changes in the industry. If we find a new process or product we think will help you, as legal technology consultants we will research it and recommend or not recommend it.

Someone suggested XYZ product? Ask us if its good for your office and processes. We already know what is working for you. Does it conflict with something you have? It could be a game changer, and we should implement it right away so that you can spend even more time working on your clients rather than your technology.

Speaking Engagements

Sarah has years of experience speaking before business and lawyer groups, both large and small. She’s available to speak in person and remote on a variety of technical and law practice management topics.

Here are some of Sarah’s most recent speaking engagements:

  • Panelist, “New Technologies: How Attorneys & Their Clients Might Evaluate New Technologies To Decide Whether To Adopt”, CLE, July 23, 2020
  • Panelist, “Smart Phone Success and Terrific Tablets”, CLE, May 12, 2020
  • Speaker, “Ten Tips to Grow Your Practice”, CLE, April 29, 2020 
  • Panelist, “Use of Skype: Basic Tips for Communicating with the Court and Clients”, April 17, 2020 and May 1, 2020

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